How to give out access to Facebook Ads Manager

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Signed a contract with a Facebook ads company? Or did a professional targeting specialist come to work? It's time to give out accesses and whisk mountains of leads to your company.

Most users are afraid to open Facebook to give out access. The fear is very simple: «What happens if I click the wrong button?» As a result, many people decide not to bother and send their logins and passwords to third parties. Do not do this under any circumstances! You risk losing your page and stopping trusting people forever. Let's take a look at what you need to do to correctly issue access to the Facebook Ads account, and if this is your first time doing it:

Step 1: Create Business Manager Facebook

This is the place that stores everything related to your business. There will be Instagram and Facebook pages, ad accounts, and more.

  • Fill in the fields «Business name», «Your name» and «Your email address».

  • Add information about the business: country, street address, town/city, region, postal code, business phone number, and website. Do not forget to choose what services/goods your business provides. You can choose to «Promote its own goods or services» or «Provide services to other businesses».

  • Facebook may ask you to add a phone number for your personal account (if you didn't have one before). If this message does not appear, then just skip this step.

Step 2: Create Business Manager Facebook

All business accounts must be added to Business Manager Facebook to grant access. You can find how to do this in this article: How to add Instagram and Facebook accounts in Business Manager.

After all, accounts have been added to the Business Manager, we can proceed to send access.

  • On the main page, select the gear to go to the company settings.

  • On the «Users» tab on the left, you will see the items «People» and «Partners».

At this stage, Facebook gives you the choice of how to give access to managing your ads. I recommend choosing «Partners» – «Add». To use this function above, the employee/agency must independently go through the steps that I told before in this article. Only after it has created the Business Manager, you can give access to your account.

  • Select in the appeared window «Give your partner access to your objects».

Let me explain why you need to do exactly like this: when you add an employee via mail on the «People» tab, you deprive yourself of the ability to quickly transfer advertising campaigns.

Why you should do this?

The need to quickly transfer advertising campaigns to another business manager arises quite often. The fact is that Facebook is constantly checking ads. Therefore, even if you do not break the rules, the account may be blocked by a robot. In this case, the employee/company you hired should transfer the ad campaigns to their Business Manager. If you do not do this, then your ads will stop bringing customers.

  • In the window that appears, insert the ID from the Business Manager of the employee/agency.

  • You can find an ID from the Business Manager on the «Information about the company» tab.

  • We select all the necessary pages and ad managers. Next to each selected object (check the box), mark all the toggle switches (on the right in the third column).

All done!

Check yourself that everything is configured correctly:

  • I created a Business Manager.

  • All my company details are correct.

  • Provided «Partner» access to my employee/agency.

  • During the transfer of accesses, all toggle switches were marked.

We have now successfully delegated control of our Business Manager. Congratulations! Your salesman will have a lot of warm leads calls ahead.


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