How to choose a Facebook and Instagram targeting specialist?

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You realize that targeted advertising is needed for your business, and now it's time to choose a specialist. Today it is enough to write a post on your social media page before potential performers start responding.

It is logical to ask the question: how to choose a targeting specialist?

After all, he must go through the whole project, does not turn out to be a beginner, has to be experienced in your niche, and in general, a person should be at least pleasant.

In this article, you will personally get acquainted with the criteria for selecting a high-quality targeting specialist «worth its weight in gold».

Here's what to consider:

Find out if the specialist has relevant cases. Let's start with what you can get as cases. These can be just pictures of a business manager:

In some cases, it can be a PDF file with a detailed report, where the specialist expresses his thoughts, shows the results, and backs everything up in his own words.

Examples of work always make a good first impression. However, a large number of clicks at a very low cost is not a good performance indicator. You should focus on sales.

There is a difference from project to project, and even if the target specialist worked with your competitor and knows what «moves» to use to get the result, there is no guarantee that you will succeed as well. Facebook's internal system is so personalized to the audience for displaying ads that you can never achieve the same results, even if you create a «clone» of any business.

At the first stage of verification, we are only interested in the date of the last work. The more often the targeting specialist is practiced, the better he understands what needs to be done for each type of business. You shouldn't work with someone who hasn't practiced for over three months.

Carefully study the screenshots from the ads manager. There you are interested in the columns with the names: Results, Clicks (All), Cost per result, and Amount Spent. Now let's go over them.

  • Results – show what exactly the target analyst did (the purpose of the advertisement will be signed below). The variety of these signatures in this column is important. The more a person has worked with different ad formats, the better they understand the topic. For example, in screenshots, you can see link clicks, engagement for a post, lead form, and so on.

  • Clicks (All) is the total number of clicks to an account or button. Some users, instead of going through the advertisement from the beginning, want to see what is inside the account. They click on the account icon at the top and go to the profile. These clicks will not be counted in the Cost Per Result metric because the user did not click on the button. However, it would be silly to ignore these conversions, because this is still a potential buyer who just went to look at your publications first. This item is not reflected in the reports, you need to configure it yourself. If the column «Clicks (All)» is in the table, then the specialist accurately takes into account all the results in his work.

  • Cost per result is obviously the most important metric for any advertiser looking for the target audience. The main question that arises in your head is: «How to understand a lot or a little I received clicks/leads/conversions for the amount spent?». Everything as always will depend on how much you can afford. It is good if you know how much advertising costs one client brings to you. If you do not understand this, then focus on how much you want to earn. Do you want a million? So you need to spend 30% of this amount on advertising or 300,000 US dollars. This percentage can vary depending on the niche, so only the test will give you the right answer. Start by thinking about thirty percent.

  • Amount Spent – we need this indicator to see what budgets the specialist worked with. The more money he spent, the better. There is no «budget drain» on Facebook, there is only «no need to do this anymore». Always be guided by the «cost per result» indicator and assess whether your business will be able to pay 1000 dollars per client or is it cheaper for you to advertise in other ways.

  • How do you know which results are good? Everything is very simple, you just need to count. Remember how often people contact your business for a purchase (write messages, ask through friends, call by phone), count, in general, all the contacts that happen to you before you make a sale. Let's say you have 50 contacts per sale. Equating hits to clicks, we now have 50 clicks per sale. In the screenshot above, you saw that there are 19.16 rubles. per click on the link. Suppose your product costs 5,000 dollars. We begin to count: 19.16 dollars. multiply by 50 clicks, we get 958 dollars. for one sale. 5000 minus 958, we get 4042 dollars. Into the pocket. Whether it is a lot or a little is up to you. There is no expensive advertising on Facebook, there is only the amount that you can afford.

Please note that GIFs are not a case. This format is not well received. It is impossible to stop this picture to see what specific numbers were for each company:

Feel free to send such specialists to the ban. Let them keep these gifs for themselves and send them to their friends.

It is rather strange when a specialist tries to deceive his potential client in this way. I have rarely come across such cases, but this is still happening.

Find out from the targeting specialist if he knows how to make creatives. This is a big plus, at least because such a specialist can save your budget – you don't have to look for a designer.

Evaluate creatives to your personal taste. The same picture will be admired by one person and disgusted by another. All I can add here is focus on the sales results that his creatives brought.

Try suggesting an appointment online and ask to see the results on the screen.

It is very cool if a person does not hesitate to show his results during a conversation. Again, do not forget to find out how many customers actually came after the ad campaign.

Let's discuss what exactly you can ask during a conversation to find out how high-quality a specialist is now in front of you.

  1. «Show your last creative, which scored a large number of results» – in response you will receive a picture, everything is obvious.

  2. «Now show the results for this ad in the ads manager» – a decent person will immediately open an ad cabinet for you and you will see a thumbnail of the picture you saw earlier. There are times when there is no access to the ads manager. This can happen if the owner takes the performers very seriously and turns off access immediately after he has stopped working with the person. In response to this «excuse», start over with the first question so that you will be shown another campaign that has good performance.

  3. «In what time frame was the project implemented» – expect a time frame of no more than 2 weeks. This amount of time is needed to launch a large online store with a large number of products. Advertising creatives are usually handled by designers. If you have a specialist who does everything himself, then the term can be increased to 3 weeks.

Keep in mind that experience in your niche is optional. As surprising and unexpected as it may sound, it is true. I will explain why this is so.

The main point while working on Facebook is proper optimization. If a specialist knows what a learning window for an advertising campaign is, then he doesn't care what kind of business you have.

The advertising campaign window is the time during which it is necessary to collect 50 or more actions (clicks, transitions to the site, installing the application, filling out the contact form) for the Facebook optimization to work.

This period hits your budget as hard as possible; after optimization, costs stabilize.

Try asking your potential targeting specialist about this window to test their knowledge. You already know the correct answer.

In summary:

  • Always focus on sales and on the amounts that the business received after working with a specialist. This is the only way to understand that the work was successful.

  • The more facts and real figures you see, the more advantages you can write down in the karma of this specialist. This means that he or she has nothing to hide and the work will be completed in time.

  • Be careful and do not believe the promises, only follow the facts and figures.


What do you think? Do you like this article? If you have any questions or something is not clear, then do not hesitate to write comments.

Finding a good specialist is not easy... So if my advices helped you, then hit the like on this article! So I will understand that my work helps you.

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