Case: Targeted advertising for a car service in Nizhny Novgorod

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The client has a car service for body repair and car painting. City - Nizhny Novgorod. Small business, the owner himself is engaged in the repair of cars, so the average time to complete the work is 3-5 days; several clients 5-6 per month; average business income - 60,000-80,000 rubles, of which the net profit is about 40,000 rubles.

https://www.instagram.com/auto_artnn/ - client's account.

I ran into several difficulties in this project:

  • Poor understanding of the target audience;

  • Lack of Instagram account;

  • Difficulties during the passage of moderation;

  • Lack of real photographs of finished works;

  • There was no understanding of what results to expect from the investment.

Goals for 30 days:

  • Find your target audience;

  • Create and fill an Instagram account;

  • Bring the first 10 customers with targeted advertising.

What was done:

  • Created an Instagram profile;

  • Prepared materials for filling the account (taking photos before and after repair/painting/polishing cars);

  • Got the first 100 subscribers;

  • Launched targeting for the most expensive restaurants in the city;

  • Set up retargeting for account subscribers;

  • Created audiences based on the most popular posts in the account.

Advertising campaign results:

  • Found their audience: Priority men aged 25-34, who own an apartment and a car, with or without children, visit the city's restaurants, hold a leadership position, or are middle managers.

  • In total, 8 new customers turned up, in addition to the constant flow of orders. The spent budget for the month - 10,000 rubles. The ad was seen by 24,544 people. A total of 277 clicks were collected; the cost of the client is 1250 rubles; the cost per click - 36 rubles.

Screenshot of the ad account:

Customer feedback:

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