Advertising creatives: how to create a cool ad + the sizes you need

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Advertising creatives: how to write the coolest copy.

If you have not yet passed the first stage, then you should not start the second. For everyone else - now I will reveal which visuals for creatives should be used + what sizes are needed for Facebook.

The general principle of creating a visual. In fact, you can never fully know which picture will work in a particular business. It happens that you spend more than 4 hours creating a beautiful photo, adapting it to all sizes, choosing the hottest audience, but the result is not impressive at all.

And sometimes I photographed the most unsuccessful, in your opinion, angle, the text was not the most ideal, but the result – the creative just came in with a bang, the goods are bought like hotcakes.

So, the general principle is this – make the best quality layouts. Do not try to hook a person with a picture – focus on the content. If you have nothing to offer, then it is better to take the time to work out your product, instead of just making cool transitions and visuals.

Examples of good and bad content.

Let's start with a bad example:

This ad tries to attract us by the fact that 29% is a lot. However, even subconsciously, we do not think so. There is not enough additional motivation for this offer.

You need sales results from such a mailing list, or the fact needs to be presented in quantitative terms, and not in percentage.

Now let me show you a good examples:

An excellent example and combination of a finished product and a message. This is how advertising should be (this is what most often gives good results). Nothing superfluous and it is immediately clear what you get.

Another good example with a strong message. We are offered to test the suitcase for 100 days in order to understand how high-quality it is. In my opinion, a very good proposal. Especially for those who travel frequently and cannot immediately say a word about the product.

Let me remind you that you don't need to chase cool animations. Instagram is a place of meaning, so it's best to put in as much benefit as possible and not try to surprise a potential client with your cool transitions. Every day, people are watching millions of cool creatives. It's getting harder and harder to surprise someone with something, so it's better to put more meaning into your ad.

Technical requirements:

In order for all images to be clearly visible in all possible ad placements, it is necessary to adapt each image so that it is clear everywhere what exactly we are selling.

Facebook provided that users would need to check their creatives before publishing, so the developers came up with a special tool: the Creative Center.

You can go to the Creative Center by following the link:


In total, 16 placements of our advertising open before us, for which you need to adapt your ads. At the same time, 3 of them will not be available to us if we have uploaded a regular picture instead of a video. For this reason, I recommend creating a separate advertising campaign in which there will be only video materials. For now, we will only discuss images.

For 16 placements, we need 4 sizes:

1080 * 1920 – Stories (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger) and Interstitial Ads by Audience Network.

2400 * 1256 – General search results on mobile devices.

1920 * 1080 – The right column of Facebook.

1080 * 1080 – Instagram and Facebook feed, interesting Instagram, Facebook video feed, Facebook instant articles.

It is worth noting several formats in which the text must be made huge (and in general it is better to leave only a photo of the product and 1-2 words) so that the user can generally understand what your ad is about – these are incoming messengers, the right column of Facebook, in-stream video ads and messages in messenger.

In conclusion, I would like to add that each creative must be tested. This is the only way to understand which version of the picture Facebook will give preference to. You will see this in the results: the creative that scored the least actions is the one that is unsuccessful.

To better understand how to allocate a budget between ads, keep reading my articles! I'm sure you will pass the one dollar per click mark and will make ads even cheaper.

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