13 questions for ideal positioning of a company on the market

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In this article, you will find out what questions will help you understand the positioning of your company. Spend at least 2 hours of your time doing this to get the result.

Where should you start?

Great events start with small steps. We need to answer the following questions:

1. Describe your company with 5-10 adjectives or phrases that reflect its desired image on the market This stage helps to shape the company's appearance in the eyes of the consumer. We need this so that each of these words runs like a red thread through all employees, through every business process of the company. Create the most accurate reflection of the future of your dreams, put your character, and desire to make the world a better place there.

2. What is the uniqueness of your product/service? Here you can start dancing. But do not praise, but objectively go to the mirror and say: «I am cool because I combine the style perfectly, and not because I know how to make faces so that everyone will notice». Do you understand what I am talking about? Your USP should be competitive, so a look from the outside will not hurt you. Perhaps, after evaluating your product, you will understand that it needs revision or rethinking.

3. Who are the real competitors with whom you are fighting in the market for obtaining current and potential customers? For each competitor, write a short description: the name of the company, for which goods/services it is competing with. Without analyzing competitors, they often give most of the chips and answers. But fear not, we will go much further than them.

4. Who is the current buyer of the product or service (gender, age, income, marital status, social status and occupation, hobbies, and basic values ​​in life)? In this regard, the CJM map will greatly help you. Survey your current clients (about 30 people) to accurately understand the portrait (or portraits) of the target audience. Read about how to determine your target audience in this article.

5. What groups of social networks can your target audience be? Include this item in your survey. Try to find intersections of groups where your clients are. This will be a guide for content creation and engagement.

6. What thematic sites does your potential client regularly visit (at least three links)? Do not think about what you like, you need a guide to which sites (and their content) should be directed your attention. Theme pages often use visitor retention widgets, banners, buttons, and other elements that can be useful to you in your work to improve your site. Complete your survey with this question.

7. What basic needs, desires, and problems do customers want to satisfy or solve by purchasing your product/service? A very important point. Based on this, we will create your dream ad for your target audience.

8. What are the most likely reasons why potential customers do not purchase your product? It is important to avoid these mistakes when creating your ad. We must exclude them at all stages so that the future buyer would consider us professionals.

9. Are there any reviews and thanks for your product, customer success stories? Can you give examples of how a client with the help of your product/service completely solved his problem and was very satisfied, received more than what was expected? Their example can be used to build excellent positioning. We will put all the happiness of the client into creating a picture of the future for potential buyers. It is important to go through all the stages from the received application to the withdrawal to improve the experience of interacting with your company.

10. How expensive do you charge for your services? Let's keep it simple, just divide everything into three categories:

  1. Everyone can buy from me.

  2. Excellent combination of price/quality.

  3. «Not more expensive than money, bro».

Income is an important part of your target audience profile. Determine which of these categories your business belongs to. You will save on advertising if you draw a clear line between your client and a person who does not even look in the direction of your product.

11. Are there seasonal fluctuations in demand in your niche? This will help you understand exactly how you need to behave in a particular month. We need to take into account that in the period between seasons it is worth increasing advertising costs to «become familiar» to potential buyers with a reserve for the future.

12. What should be avoided in advertising and PR-actions? Are there closed topics that should be avoided? Remember your fail and describe in detail everything that happened from start to finish. It is a powerful tool that often helps to correct the internal business processes of a company. I talk in detail about PR in the modern digital world in my article.

13. What emotions, in your opinion, should a person experience after interacting with an advertising message? What should he feel? Metaphysics now rules entire countries. It is enough to submit the idea correctly so that people themselves form a desire to buy in their heads. Your product must «infect» the future consumer. Think carefully about what meanings you should put in your message to the world. Don't forget to add adjectives that reflect your desired image in the market.

Well, I can congratulate you. Behind 13 questions, and now you are ready to win the hearts of people.

We have invested heavily in the future of your company, now you can think about launching advertising. When writing each item, think only about what is interesting to your client, not to you.

We don't do business for business's sake, right?

Let me remind you that you need to spend at least two hours answering. Only after this time can you be sure that your target audience will be delighted with the products of your company.

So what's next?

Read the following article on preparing to launch ads.

There you will learn about the basic settings of the Facebook page and create your first advertising account. Come on, you know what to do!

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