Сreative text for ads: how to write the coolest copy

Today we will figure out how to write ads for targeted advertising in order to maximize the conversion. It is necessary to pay attention to several points that will be responsible for the «selling» properties of your creative.

An ideal ad consists of a headline and 2-3 sentences. This is enough to hook a potential client.

I will divide the article into 2 parts to make it easier for you to perceive the information.

Part 1: Analysis and preparation

Let's start with a few points:

  1. The attractiveness of the product/service.

  2. The quality of the assembled audience.

  3. Product/service cost.

  4. The convenience of payment.

  5. The assortment of the product line.

  6. Advertising budget.

The attractiveness of the product/service. Let's say you sell toys. If you sell old, dusty toys, then no matter what texts you try to attract customers, you will not succeed.

This also includes the availability of your product/service. If you sell something that you can buy in a shop near your house, forget about this idea. The product should attract with its uniqueness and cause the desire to stop in order to look at it in more detail. No one will order goods and wait for delivery if you can buy the same thing near your home.

And most importantly, don't sell what no one needs. If the product is too innovative and you are not sure that the wide audience is not ready for it, then it is better not to spend money on it yet. The first attempts to sell new products often end in failure.

The quality of the audience. Do not use phone numbers that were purchased online. There are many databases that can provide you with contacts of company directors. These phones can be uploaded to Facebook for advertising, but your company has never sold anything to these people. Also, these contacts may never have been interested in your type of business, so you yourself raise the cost of sale.

Use the built-in tools to make the system understand who your potential client is. When creating a new audience, study the interests tab in detail. If you already have sales, then the minimum list should include at least 1000 numbers so that Facebook can match them with users.

Product/service cost. First of all, the price should be adequate. Try to highlight as many of the benefits of your product as possible. This will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. No one will buy goods from a company at a high cost simply because they want to. Everything must have a rationale.

The convenience of payment. A very simple and at the same time difficult point. Most aspiring entrepreneurs are faced with this. They can elegantly package the product, provide excellent advice, and interest the buyer. However, at the stage of payment, difficulties arise with the transferor there are some restrictions for residents of the CIS countries. All this spoils the first impression of you.

You need to try to buy your product yourself. This is the easiest and surest way to understand what is wrong and where you can simplify the life of your potential buyer.

Imagine that you've been waiting for a discount on your favorite speaker's course for a long time. Now the moment has come, the sale has begun. The client happily goes to give the money, but is faced with the fact that he needs to make a transfer to the card, and then check in with the manager on Instagram, and the manager was online the last time yesterday at 3 pm... Do you understand what I mean? There should be no barriers between the client's money and your wallet.

The assortment of the product line. People should always have a choice. Not all customers are ready to buy only expensive or only cheap goods.

If you sell only eclairs, then a visitor who loves custard dough but does not like buttercream will never come to you.

Advertising budget. The most unobvious point, in my opinion. Try to decide “on the shore” how much you are willing to spend on advertising and what resources you will use to create your ads.

Big production with its own film crew will be able to do much more than Romashka LLC, where the owner performs all roles in the business.

Part 2: Creating text

We will dwell on this point in detail and I will share some of the tricks of a quality ad. I must say right away that the larger your monthly budget, the more tools you can use to achieve high conversions.

Before preparing the text, you need to understand for whom our goods/services are intended. It is worth seriously considering your target audience.

For details on how to find an audience that will love your business, read this article.

Now let's dwell on the text itself. Based on my article, you have already created several target audiences that, in your opinion, are best suited for business. To write quality text, use the following guidelines:

  • Identify the needs, goals, desires, and fears of different target audiences. Example 1: "Get this Victoria's Secret swimsuit and get a thousand looks at the beach." Engage your customer with what he wants the most to form a picture in his head. This example is aimed at desire. Example 2: "You have been looking for yourself for a long time, but what would you not undertake, everything seems to fall out of your hands?" – here we definitely cause fear of failure. More importantly, in these examples, there are so many things one customer can desire and fear. Therefore, the more options we write, the higher the chances of making a sale.

  • Find out the criteria by which the client will choose your product. The main criteria are few: price, time, and quality. They may vary depending on the business, but there are only three main ones. You need to understand exactly what the audience wants from us in order to indicate it in your ad. Example: we know that we have very fast delivery throughout the city and a lot of customer reviews say this. So we need to indicate the following: "We will deliver your goods tonight!"

  • Get information about what the client wants to achieve in the future. Too often, entrepreneurs forget about what happens to the customer after the purchase. Let's say you sell garden products. Example: "You will forget about the wilting of a flower after transplanting due to its thick roots!" – we jumped ahead for several months and showed the benefits that await the future of our client."

After all the steps, you can already move on. Now you have everything to proceed to create and upload images or videos to your ad account.

Follow the link to find out all the intricacies of uploading creatives to Facebook, what tools are worth using and why it is important to upload your ads to the Facebook Creative Center in advance. P.S.

Do not regret a couple of likes on this article and the one that you will read next. I publish all instructions with an updated design, so you don't have to look for where the button you need has moved.

Go for it!

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